How to protect your health, preserve your youth and heal yourself with the foods you eat

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Dear readers, our motivation to write this book is based on a simple postulate by the ancient philosopher and the father of contemporary medicine Hippocrates:
“Our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food!”

This book will teach you:
•How to replace pills and tasteless diets with healing and tasty foods
•How to provide your body with all vitamins, microelements, macro-elements, amino-acids, essential fatty acids and all vital nutrients through the food you eat
•The healing qualities of over 200 foods
•How to recognize the symptoms of over 200 diseases and illnesses, and how to heal them with the foods you eat with more than 2500 recipes, included in this book
•How to recognize the foods that heal you and foods that are harmful to your health
•How to regularly purify and rejuvenate your body through the foods you eat

We have ordered all chapters in alphabetic encyclopedic format, which makes the information easily accessible and the recipes/prescriptions easy to find. The book can be used both as an handbook/encyclopedia for natural healing and wellbeing as well as a nutrition guide.
The authors
Prof. Hristo Mermersky and Dr. Yonko Mermersky


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